We are always two
One living and one dead
Each in turn
Sunken cities where captive suns sleep.
At this time which is not yet day but which is already no longer night,
With destruction comes the new beginning.

Æternal Death is an imaginary cemetery. It is a study of mourning — of self-mourning. Each day takes away a part of me that will never return, a process of dying which, over the years, I feel ever more viscerally and painfully. It’s with this loss that I construct who I continue to be, but paradoxically it is this same loss that gives me the feeling of not being. That one has made me unexist. The two are linked, and both are to be lived.

The sculpture stands at the edge of the sea, vulnerable. It is a door between two universes, one solid, the other liquid, a passage from one state to another. Between these two elements, fire, both purifier and redeemer. Its passage is always a test. An ordeal.


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