The sculpture stands at the edge of the sea, vulnerable. It is a door between two universes, one solid, the other liquid, a passage from one state to another. Between these two elements, fire, both purifier and redeemer. Its passage is always a test. An ordeal.

The Man encounters The Woman in a mysterious place where creatures live. While making love to one of them, he becomes her by changing gender. He opens himself to creation and the possibility of motherhood. He will be judged not for who he is, but for what he wants to become: God.

Life is a succession of murders of ourselves.
It is necessary to cut a branch of the tree so that the others grow better. Stronger. Thicker.

We cry in front of the dead branch because it hurts.
But, to go forward, we shouldn't fear the confusion and the devastation of a part of ourselves.
This murder is a rebirth.


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